Author’s Note

I’m Alex Press, an editor at Jacobin Magazine and a freelance writer in New York. I was in Boston for seven years prior, where I was a political organizer and, for a few years, a PhD student.

I use this blog to occasionally write about politics from a left-wing perspective. It’s also occasionally a venue for personal essays that I wouldn’t want to put in actual publications. Those, of course, tend to be more popular.

Some of my published writing:

How two-tier unions turn works against one another, Washington Post

No Space to be Human, The Nation

Unions Win Huge Victory defeating Missouri’s Right-to-Work Law, CNN

Labor Day Weekend 2018, NBC

The New School Celebrates 100 Years With a Graduate Union Contract, Jewish Currents

How Silicon Valley workers are revolting against Trump’s immigration policy, Vox

$15 Isn’t Enough to Empower Amazon’s Workers, Medium

It’s time to acknowledge that strikes work, Washington Post

With a Nod to ’68, Columbia Grad Students Strike, Jewish Currents

The record-low birthrate offers yet another sign that millennials are economically screwed, Vox

Code Red, n+1

On the Job, Bookforum

White Collar Unionization is Good for All Workers, The Nation

#MeToo Must Avoid Carceral Feminism, Vox

The Rebellion in Kentucky, The Outline

With a Nod to ’68, Columbia Grad Students Strike, Jewish Currents

Various Things, Jacobin

It’s time to weaponize the “whisper network,” Vox

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Hurt Farmers and Make Seed Companies Richer, The Nation

About Those Outside Agitators, Dig Boston

Fight for $15 Organizers Demand a Union, Truthout

Silence on Campus, The Nation

Feel free to get in touch privately through the contact form on this site or follow me on Twitter @alexnpress.

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