Author’s Note

I’m Alex Press, a staff writer at Jacobin Magazine and freelance labor writer based in New York. I lived in Boston before that, where I was a political organizer and, for a few years, a PhD student.

I use this blog to occasionally write about politics from a left-wing perspective. It’s also sometimes a venue for personal essays that I wouldn’t want to publish elsewhere. Those, of course, tend to be more popular.

Some of my published writing:

Washington Post: 
Warehouse workers are essential. It’s time we treated them that way,” 4/25/2020.

How two-tier unions turn workers against one another,” 8/29/2019.

It’s time to acknowledge that strikes work,” 5/31/2018.

What’s next for #MeToo? The McDonald’s strikes have an answer,” 9/19/2020.

#MeToo must avoid ‘carceral feminism,’” 2/1/2018.

It’s time to weaponize the ‘whisper network,’” 10/17/2017.

The Nation:
Inside the Carpenters’ Fight for Control of Their Union,” 9/13/2019.

What’s It Like to Work at Amazon?,” 12/30/2018.

White-Collar Unionization Is Good for All Workers,” 1/29/2018.

The New Republic:
Big Tech’s Unholy Alliance With the Pentagon,” 2/7/2019.

Code Red,” Spring 2018.

This Machine Kills Fascists,” Feb/Mar 2020.

The Conscience of a Revolutionary,” 7/26/2019.

On the Job,” April/May 2018.

Jewish Currents:
Amazon Workers Say Warehouse Health Precautions Are Insufficient,” 4/28/2020.

From the Ashes of the Old,” 10/21/2019.

The New School Celebrates 100 Years With a Graduate Union Contract,” 11/21/2018.

With a Nod to ’68, Columbia Grad Students Strike,” 4/25/2018.

NBC News:
Labor Day: Unions are dying and American workers are in trouble — but they’re also fighting back,” 9/3/2018.

Unions win huge victory defeating Missouri’s right-to-work law,” 8/9/2018.

The Outline:
The rebellion in Kentucky,” 4/3/2018.

$15 Isn’t Enough to Empower Amazon’s Workers,” 10/5/2018.

Feel free to get in touch privately through the contact form on this site or follow me on Twitter @alexnpress.

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